Garden Calendar


Yes! We made it to spring! Everyone is excited to finally get out and spend sometime outside with our gardens.


Now is the time to start using the Scotts® Step 1 Lawn Care Program.

You may also start using a Dormant Oil Spray to help control over-wintering insects and disease.

Fertilize fruit trees, roses, perennials and bulbs. (After bulbs have finished flowering). We have fertilizer for every type plant. And a large selection of fast release or slow release fertilizers, as well as soil amendments.


Spring is a good time to prune evergreens. Keep the pruning cuts within the green (foliage) parts of the plant.

Roses can also be pruned back to fresh canes, when leave buds appear. Remove mounded dirt away from Rose bush. Clean up any foliage or old broken canes away from beneath the rose bush.

Prune late flowering shrubs such as Buddleia, and Hydrangea. Prune back to new bud growth only. Buddleia can be pruned back hard to control size.


Time to get the garden underway. Prepare your garden soil in preparation for planting. Remove weeds. We have your soil needs available, peat, top soil, manure and mulch.


Check the plants under eaves of the house, and under evergreens.

Mulching flower and shrub beds will cut down on water consumption.

Flower Beds

Place Peony supports before buds start to open and weigh down the plant from the size of the blooms.