Growing Hanging Baskets

Growing Hanging Baskets

Looking for some fun and creative ways to display a lot of color in a little space? Hanging gardens give you the chance to put color right where you want it, plus spotlight certain plants. With the wide variety of baskets available, including wire, woven and wood, the possibilities are endless. The most important consideration in choosing a basket is the expanding root systems of the plants you've selected. For larger plants with deeper roots, a bigger basket with more depth would be more suitable. The more surface area for soil you have, the less frequently you will have to water and the more moisture the soil will hold. If you're wondering how a wire basket can hold soil and plants, you'll want to know about liners; there are many types of liners that you can buy that enclose the contents nicely.

Preparing Your Hanging Basket

Choose a well-draining peat based soil mix like Baccto Lite Premium Potting Mix to fill your basket with. Make sure your hanging basket has good drainage (most plants do not like to sit with wet roots all the time). For added moisture retention mix #1 Soil Moist into the soil according to the label rates. This will help the basket retain water so you don’t have to water as often.

Planting Your Hanging Basket

Make sure to choose plants that are compatible with the light requirements for the location you have chosen. Do not overcrowd the plants in the basket, always leave enough space for root growth and development, this will also give your plants more time to grow without becoming root bound in the container. Avoid burying the plant stems when transplanting young plants. Make sure to water the basket thoroughly after planting.

Fertilizing Your Hanging Basket

On established hanging baskets fertilize with #2 PW Premium Water Soluble Plant Food every 7 to 14 days using the labels rates. On newly planted Hanging Baskets wait a week or two for root growth before starting to fertilize as most potting soils have a starter fertilizer that will carry plants through the first few weeks. Once Hanging Baskets become established use #3 PW Premium Continuous Release Plant Food for supplemental feeding. Always use label rates.

A steady watering and fertilization regiment is the key to success for having beautiful, thriving Hanging Baskets all season long.


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