How to Plant Trees & Shrubs

How to Plant Trees & Shrubs

Top Soil Plant Guide

Clay Soil Plant Guide


Deneweth’s recommends using #1 Dairy Doo Tree and Shrub.

Hole Width & Depth

Dig a hole 2-3 times wider than the root ball, but not deeper than the root ball, sloping the sides gently outward to the existing soil grade. When planting is complete, the trunk flare should be slightly above the existing soil. fill bottom of hole backfill)

Removing Your Plant

Don't lift the plant by the trunk. Lay it down and slide it out of the container, or cut the container away from the root ball.

To encourage root growth, tease the outer roots from the soil. If the roots are tightly matted, use a knife to score the root mass in several places and gently loosen the root ball. This won't harm the plant and will encourage new root growth.


Place the plant in the hole. Use #2 Mykes Tree & Shrub root stimulator at this time. Be sure to follow the instructions on the label. Make sure trunk is NOT buried under soil, above ground level if necessary.


Refill the hole with #1 soil. Roots should be able to easily grow into surrounding soil, so do not pack the soil down. Create a temporary water basin around the plant with soil so that water will penetrate the basin area.


Every situation will be different!

Water thoroughly with a hose to ensure that the entire root zone is moist. *A sprinkler is not appropriate for this* Make sure that the soil level remains at the same height as the surrounding area, (add more soil if necessary). If you are planting during a hot spell fill hole with water, let absorb into soil then plant the tree/shrub. Water often the first year until established.


Apply a 3" layer of organic mulch around the plant. Taper the mulch toward the base of the tree but do not allow it to touch the tree trunk. Keep the mulch at least 1" away from the trunk. Mulching helps conserve water and prevent weeds.


Use #3 Espoma Tree Tone organic fertilizer after planting and again in early spring. You can use PW Water Soluble on flowering shrubs once a week to promote new growth and blooms.


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