Potted Tulips & Daffodils

Potted Tulips & Daffodils


Potted tulips and daffodils received during winter and spring as gift plants may be kept and planted in the garden in spring. However, it often takes two to three years for the bulbs to get strong enough to bloom again after being forced for indoor use. While indoors, keep your plants actively growing. Remove the flowers after blooming to prevent seeds from forming. Place the plants in a cool, sunny room. Keep the soil moist to the touch but not wet, until the leaves mature or die down naturally.

Fertilize about once a month with #1 Miracle Gro All Purpose Fertilizer. The longer the leaves stay green the stronger the bulb. When you can work the soil for planting, transplant the bulbs to the garden. Select a warm, sunny location with well-drained soil. Plant the bulbs at a depth 2 to 3 times their diameter. In late fall, once the soil begins to freeze, cover the soil where you planted the bulbs with a 3" to 6" layer of #2 Scotts Nature Scapes Mulch. Remove the mulch in early spring when new growth appears.


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