Flower Pouch Care

Flower Pouch Care


  • One way to determine if your pouch needs to be watered is by its weight. A sufficiently watered pouch weighs about as much as a gallon of milk.
  • Another way to determine if your pouch needs water is to gently squeeze the bottom of the pouch. If you can squeeze water out (even as little as a drop) it does not need to be watered.
  • The key to successful pouch maintenance is slow, thorough watering: Fill the top of the pouch with water; wait a few seconds until the water sitting in the top of the pouch recedes; repeat until pouch is sufficiently watered according to the aforementioned guidelines. Just filling the top of the pouch once is not sufficient.


It is recommended that you fertilize your pouch every other week with a fertilizer such as #1 PW Premium Water Soluble Plant Food.

#2 PW Premium Continuous Release Plant Food can be used half way through the summer for supplemental feeding.

#3 Soil Moist can be added to the soil to help maintain moisture. Follow the directions on the containers for applications.


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