Growing Houseplants

Growing Houseplants


All plants need light in order to grow, but different species require different amounts of light. Remember that some rooms in your house will be sunnier than others, depending on which way the windows face.

Plants receive direct sunlight all day long. This is the ideal spot for species that thrive in full sun. Plants that require bright light should be protected from direct sun between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. in summer, however.

Plants receive direct sunlight in the morning and plenty of indirect light the rest of the day. Plants that thrive in bright light will do well in this setting year-round. Plants that require indirect light should be moved slightly back from the window in summer.

Plants receive direct sunlight in the late afternoon and plenty of indirect light in the morning. The sun is stronger and warmer here than in east-facing windows. This is a good spot for plants that tolerate a few hours' sun a day.

Plants receive plenty of indirect light in summer, but less light from November to February. Plants that prefer indirect light will do well here year-round.


Use #1 Baccto Premium Potting Mix for transplanting and repotting.

Most plants need to be watered when the top half inch of soil in the pot is dry to the touch. Plants adapted to arid regions, including cacti and succulents, can be allowed to dry out even more. They should be watered more frequently in summer, however, when growing conditions are optimal.

Avoid watering too little, too often. Thoroughly soak the soil surface until you see water coming through the drainage holes, and remove any excess water sitting in the saucer a few minutes later.

Use room-temperature water. Cold water can slow the growth and produce spots on the leaves of various tropical plants. In addition, because some plants are sensitive to the chlorine in tap water, letting the water sit for a day before using it will allow the chlorine to evaporate.


Plants should be fertilized when in active growth, usually from March to October. Use #2 PW Premium Water Soluble Plant Food at low label rates. Use #3 PW Premium Continuous Release Plant Food for supplemental feeding throughout the season (follow label rates).


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