Growing Blueberries in Containers

Growing Blueberries in Containers

Step 1: Plant - Choose a container size to suit your plant

Start all 4 inch to 1-gallon size plants in 2 to 5 gallon containers.

For established 2 to 5 gallon plants chose a 16 to 20 inch container.

Fill the bottom of your container with the soil mix and pack down.

Place the blueberry and continue to fill around root with the soil mix.

Step 2: Soil Mix

1/3 Nature's Mate Cedar
1/3 Peat
1/3 Baccto Lite Potting Mix
1 Handful Espoma Soil Acidifier

Step 3: Water & Fertilize

Don’t let the container dry out.

Never use fertilizer with nitrogen in nitrate form! It can kill.

Blueberries love full sun.

Fertilize with acid based fertilizer once a month during the growing season.

Striking in bloom with tasty and nutritious berries loaded with
anti-oxidants, blueberries make the ideal container plant.


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