An EASTERN exposure is the preferred placement for this group of plants. Morning sun for flowering and foliage.


Dig a hole the same depth as the root ball and twice the width. Use #1 Garden Magic Peat mixed with native soil. These plants are shallow rooted, with most of their roots near the surface. It is important NOT to plant too deep. The surface of the root ball should be level with the original grade of the planting site. (See planting guide for clay soil instructions).


Water the shrub twice a week when needed during the warmer weather.


All rhododendrons and azaleas thrive in an acidic soil. An acid soil can be maintained with the use of #2 Hollytone. Follow directions on package for proper allocation.


Adding a layer of #3 Scott’s Nature Scapes Mulch (2-3 inches) under the shrub will prevent the root ball from drying out. Do not pile mulch up against the trunk.

Winter Care

Rhododendrons and Azaleas both have a need for winter protection. Some varieties are more winter-hardy than others but none of them do well in a windy area without protection. These plants can be protected with a physical barrier such as burlap or with an anti-transpirant such as Wilt-Pruf.


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