Bromeliads & Air Plants

Bromeliads & Air Plants


The easiest way to avoid problems with bromeliads is to avoid over watering.

Use #1 Miracle Gro Potting Mix to assure for good drainage during repotting. Only water when the soil surface feels dry. In most homes, this is no more then once a week Distilled water is preferred.

Bromeliads in pots need the potting soil watered when nearly dry, in addition to spraying the leaves. .

All mounted Bromeliads need their leaves and roots sprayed drenching wet twice weekly, and the center cup refilled when nearly empty.


Apply #2 PW Premium Water Soluble Plant Food at the rate of one-third to one-half of the dosage that the label recommends. Apply fertilizer once or twice a month. Time-release fertilizer (such as #3 PW Premium Continuous Release Plant Food) may be used on potting soil instead of spray feeding.


A bark-based growing medium is a good choice for bromeliads. Above all, it must drain well and quickly.


While bromeliads will grow best in bright windows with southern, eastern, or western exposure (but without direct rays of sun), their versatile nature means that they’ll adapt to a wide range of light levels. In general, bromeliads with thick, gray or gray-green foliage will withstand the highest light levels. Those plants with soft, green, thin leaves will grow better under lower light levels.

If your plant turns yellowish or pale green, it’s probably getting too much light. If the
foliage becomes very dark and/or elongated, the plant probably isn’t getting enough light.


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