Table Top Strawberries

Table Top Strawberries

Continuous fruit production strawberry plant with pink, red, and white flowers producing succulent red fruits.


Full sun, can tolerate part sun.


Feed regularly with #1 Garden Tone, also add #2 Garden Gypsum to the soil 2 or 3 times yearly for an extra boost of calcium.


Water the soil regularly. Let the plant dry slichtly in between waterings.


For better fruit production in containers, trim the runners and dry leaves. Keep all flowers.


When fruit production diminishes, place your container outside or transplant your plant into the soil to encourage natural pollination.


Zone 5

Over-Wintering Instructions

Since the production will diminish if left indoors. It is best to place your plant outdoors either in the pot or replanted in your garden. Having the plant outdoors will better enable the natural pollination to occure and ensure more production of strawberries. The strawberries are hardy to zone 5 and should over winter outdoors. If you want to keep your plant for the next season, you would need to remove the plant from its pot around mid September and plant it in the garden.

The ideal loctaion would be where the plant would get good snow coverage, if not, then at minimum where there is the least amount of wind and possibly cover it with mulch. In the spring, you can leave the plant in the garden or repot it for your patio if desired. If you cannot overwinter your plant outdoors, keep your plant as long as it produces fruit, then compost it at the end of the season. If you think you have the green thumb and want to try to save the plant indoors, you would need to place the plant in a cool dark room. You would then take it back out in February and place it to get good light.

Remember, there will be no pollination at this time, hence, no fruit. You could see some fruit approximately 2 to 3 weeks after placing it outdoors in May after the chance of frost has past.


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