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Heritage Tomato Yellow Pear (Cherry)

Heritage Tomato Yellow Pear (Cherry)

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Originally noted as far back as the 1600’s, these bite-sized gems were sometimes referred to as ‘corn seed’ tomatoes or ‘yellow fig’ tomatoes because they were dried. Sugared and made into preserves. Fresh from the garden, the fruit has a subtle sweet taste and deep golden yellow when fully ripe.


Vigorous 6 foot indeterminate vines produce a seemingly endless number of 1-1 ½” pear-shaped yellow fruits borne in clusters. Although the vines can sprawl on the ground, supplying tall supports produces a higher quality fruit.


Start seed indoors 4-6 weeks before last frost or directly in the garden. Plant seed 4” apart and cover with ¼” fine soil. Keep evenly moist until seeds germinate in 7-14 days. When seedlings are 4” tall, thin to stand 18-24” apart. Fruit develops best flavor when organically fertilized. Matures in 78 days.

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