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Tomato Celebration

Tomato Celebration

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Matures In 72 Days From Setting Out Transplants

Semi-Determinate Plant Habit

Height 4+ feet

A ‘sister’ to the old favorite Celebrity tomato, boasting all the same great traits with improved taste and disease resistance (VFFT). Plants are vigorous determinants and benefit from cages or staking. Plants will continue to produce a bountiful crop of 8 ounce deep red fruits right until frost.

SOW…start seed indoors 4-6 weeks before last frost date. Cover seed with ¼” of soilless seed starting mix. Keep evenly moist and supply bottom heat to hasten germination (70-75 degrees). When plants emerge, supply 10-14 hours of light from direct sun or grow lights.

THIN…Or transplant when plants are 3” tall into individual pots or 4” apart in trays. After danger of frost has past, harden off plants and transplant into the garden allowing 2-3’ between each plant.

GERMINATION…7-15 days, depending on soil temperature and moisture conditions.

REMARKS…When transplanting, remove bottom leaves and bury the stem deep into the soil. In our gardens, Celebration showed more resistance to early and late blight than Celebrity.
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