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Organic Squash Honeynut (Baby Butternut)

Organic Squash Honeynut (Baby Butternut)

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Harvest in 110 days

1 ½ -2’ bush type vine

A prolific compact vine that produces single-serving sized winter squash with a very high sugar content - what more could you ask for? It’s resistant to powdery mildew too! Each 4-5” long traditional butternut shaped fruit starts out green, turns buff with green stripes and fully ripens to a rich caramel color.

SOW…seeds outside when soil has warmed to 70 degrees for best germination. Plant 3-5 seeds within a 6” circle (a hill) and cover with ½” soil. Each hill should be 3’ apart. Keep evenly moist. Seeds can be started inside 4-8 weeks earlier in short season areas and transplanted outside when soil has warmed.

THIN…to 2-3 plants per hill when seedlings are 4” tall.

GERMINATION…10-14 days, depending on soil temperature and weather conditions.

REMARKS…Plant as early as possible for your area to allow the fruits to fully mature and reach their highest sugar content. Stores well. Developed by Cornell’s Vegetable Breeding Institute.
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