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Organic Squash Bush Scallop Blend

Organic Squash Bush Scallop Blend

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Start to Harvest in 45 Days

Semi-Bush Vines

A colorful blend of 5 different improved patty-pan semi-bush summer squash. Each variety a different color; creamy white, yellow, pale green, green stripe and dark green. Pick fruit when young and under 4 inches for best flavor.

SOWING…Plant seeds directly in the garden after all danger of frost has passed. Place 3-4 seeds into each ‘hill’. Hills should be 3-4 feet apart in each direction. Cover seed with ½ inch of fine soil firmly pressed down. Water well.

THIN…Avoid thinning if possible. This is a blend; each plant will produce one of the five varieties. Until the fruits appear, it will be hard to tell which vine will produce which color.

GERMINATION…In 10-14 days depending on weather and soil conditions. Keep evenly moist until first true leaves appear.

REMARKS…The five varieties: Moonbeam, Sunbeam, Lunar Eclipse, Partial Eclipse, and Total Eclipse. Each Unique! Can be allowed to mature on the vine for decorative fall displays.
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