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Pepper California Wonder (Bell)

Pepper California Wonder (Bell)

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Matures In 75 Days From Setting Out Transplants

Sweet Peppers are a favorite home garden vegetable. Serve them raw on relish platters, in salads, fried or stuffed. Fruits are approximately 4 inches in diameter by 4 ½ inches long, mostly 4 lobed, dark green ripening to red.

SOWING…Start seeds indoors 6 to 8 weeks before danger of frost is past. Plant seed 1 inch apart and cover with ¼ inch of fine soil, well pressed down. Place seed starting tray in a very warm spot (both night and day) and cover with frame of glass or polyethylene to preserve the moisture until germination is complete. Then place tray in warm sunny window.

THINNING…When plants are 2 to 3 inches tall, transplant 2 inches apart in another tray. After danger of frost is past, transplant outdoors in rows 2 to 3 feet apart, spacing plants 18 to 24 inches in the row.

GERMINATION…Germinates in 14 to 21 days depending on soil and temperature conditions.

REMARKS…Many gardeners hold off heavy fertilization until the first blossom produces a small fruit which is picked off. Pepper plants will bear more fruit if kept picked and not allowed to ripen. Cut instead of pulling from plant to avoid injury.
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