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Melon Galia Incredible

Melon Galia Incredible

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Matures in 75 Days

Known for its sweet tropical aroma and complex flavor, the name Incredible fits perfect! The pale green flesh is spicy sweet when fully ripe. Vines have a semi-bush habit and produce an average of 5-6 heavily netted melons, each weighing 2-3 pounds.

SOW…seed directly in the garden in full sun, after all danger of frost has past and the soil has warmed to 70 degrees. Amending the soil with compost or well aged manure will help get the seedlings off to a good start. Plant seed 3 inches apart, ½” deep and water well. Can start seeds 3-4 weeks early indoors and transplant into the garden.

THIN…or transplant to 30” apart. These are heat loving plants, but must be kept well watered to produce full fruit. Using a dark mulch to maintain soil heat and moisture is advisable. Melons are heavy feeders; top dress with compost or a balanced fertilizer when first flowers appear.

GERMINATION…10-15 days, depending on soil temperature and moisture conditions.

REMARKS…Unlike many other melons, Incredible should be harvested at full to ¾ slip stage (when the melon is separating from the vine). Although they will continue to ripen after harvesting, they will not increase in sugar content.
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