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Kale Lacinato

Kale Lacinato

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Start to harvest in 45 days

This impressive 18th century Italian Heirloom produces 15 inch deep blue-green leaves with crepe looking crinkles, which gives rise to its other common name; dinosaur kale. Extraordinarily nutritious; high in vitamins A, C and K with a nutty flavor.

SOWING…For spring planting, indoors 8 weeks before last expected frost and transplant outside 4 weeks later. For fall planting, sow directly in garden early August. Plant in rows 15 to 20 inches apart, 12 inches between plants. Protect spring plantings with row covers to discourage cabbage loopers.

THINNING…Thin to 24 to 36 inches apart as plants mature. Enjoy the young leaves of your thinnings, allowing remaining plants to mature.

GERMINATION…In 6 to 10 days depending on soil and weather conditions. Keep evenly moist but do not continually wet.

REMARKS…The taste becomes sweeter after a hard frost. Leave a plant or two to harvest through the winter. Cutting the stem near the base will often give rise to new sprouts in spring.
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