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Organic Cucumber Early Spring Burpless

Organic Cucumber Early Spring Burpless

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Matures in 55 days

Tall/Long vines

This excellent home garden variety produces an abundance of 8-12” pale green burpless fruit with excellent flavor. Skin is thin, with crisp, bitter free flesh. For straighter fruit and easier harvest, try growing on a fence or trellis (make this decision before you plant the seed).

SOW…seed outside in late spring after ground is thoroughly warmed. Plant 3-4 seeds in a group (called a ‘hill’). If planning to trellis the vines, each hill should be 20” apart. If allowing vines to trail along the ground, allow 4-6’ between each hill.

THIN…when plants are 3-5” tall, thin each hill to a single plant.

GERMINATION…Cucumbers are very cold sensitive and may not sprout if the soil temperature is below 60 degrees F. Germination in 5-10 days depending on soil and temperature conditions.

REMARKS…High fertility and consistent soil moisture will stimulate growth and increase yield considerably. But too much moisture can lead to rot or disease.
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