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Organic Carrot Rainbow Mixed

Organic Carrot Rainbow Mixed

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Matures in 65 days

Mature size 4”-7”

Carrots used to come in many colors until the Dutch bred the orange in the 17th century as a tribute to the Royal House of Orange. This blend of red, yellow, purple, white and orange make beautiful snacks adding color to salads. Some will lose color when cooked.

SOWING…seeds directly outside when soil temperatures reach at least 45 degrees. Try to space seed 2”-3” apart in all directions to avoid the need to thin. Cover seed with ¼” soil, keep consistently moist until seeds begin to grow.

THINNING…Final spacing should be 2”-3” apart. If you need to thin, be aware that the tops of each color will mimic the color of the root. Purple carrots will have brownish tops, yellow carrots will have yellow tops etc. If you thin the ‘odd colors’, you won’t have any purple, yellow or red roots to harvest.

GERMINATION…can take as much as 4 weeks.

REMARKS…Try mixing the seed with sand or perlite to help evenly space seed when planting and to reduce the need to thin.
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