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Heritage Carrot Danvers 1871

Heritage Carrot Danvers 1871

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Carrots date back to Roman times, but our common orange carrot was developed in Holland in the 1600’s. The Danvers carrot is a true American heirloom, originated from market gardeners in Danvers, MA and introduced in 1871.


Sweet and tender bright orange coreless roots yield well in heavy soils. Uniform 6-8” by 2” roots store well into winter.


Plant seed outdoors as soon as soil can be prepared. Plant in rows 15” apart spacing seed ½” apart in the row. Cover seed with ¼” of fine soil, well pressed down. Keep moist until seeds sprout. Soak seeds a few hours before planting to aid germination. Can be planted until mid-July. Matures in 75 days.

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