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Organic Corn Glass Gems Ornamental/Popcorn

Organic Corn Glass Gems Ornamental/Popcorn

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Begin to harvest in 105 days

Height 4-6’

Glass Gem is like looking at a beautiful stained glass window with the translucent colors of a rainbow! Developed by Carl Barnes, a part-Cherokee farmer/breeder from Oklahoma. An ornamental, but also good for popping and grinding into cornmeal.

SOW…Plant popcorn seed in full sun directly into the garden when the soil has warmed to at least 70 degrees and night-time temps do not dip below 60 degrees. All corn requires full sun, fertile soil and abundant water. Plant seed 1 ½” deep, 5-8” apart in blocks (12’x12’) or rows 24” apart.

THIN…Glass Gem produces numerous side stalks (called tillers) and each will produce 1-3 ears. Corn is wind pollinated and crowded plants may not produce full ears; thin as needed to allow air circulation between plants (averages 12” apart).

GERMINATION…8-15 days; depending on soil temperature.

REMARKS…Corn is a heavy feeder; plan to fertilize 2-3 times during the growing season by mounding compost around the crown. Pick when the entire plant has dried to a golden brown. Dry ears completely to use as popcorn or to grind into cornmeal.
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