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Corn Silver Queen White

Corn Silver Queen White

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Harvest in 90 days

The royalty of white corn, Silver Queen still reigns supreme as the most popular white corn in the country. Everything about her is regal; 8’ tall stalks, large 8-9” ears with the tenderness and flavor that has stood the test of time! Creamy white kernels in 14-16 rows are a late summertime favorite.

SOW…Plant corn seed in full sun directly in the garden when the soil has warmed to at least 70 degrees and night-time temps do not dip below 60 degrees. Corn requires full sun and fertile soil. Plant seed 1 ½” deep, 3-4” apart in blocks (4’x4’) or rows 24” apart.

THIN…When plants are 5” tall, thin to 10” apart. Corn is wind pollinated and crowded plants may not produce full ears.

GERMINATION…8-15 days; depending on soil temperature.

REMARKS…Corn is a heavy feeder; plan to fertilize 2-3 times during the growing season. Resistant to Northern Leaf Blight and Stewart’s Wilt. Pick when silks just start to turn brown.
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