Garden Calendar


Take some time to clean up the garden this month. A little time spent on grooming the garden will certainly improve the overall appearance of the garden for the rest of the fall and winter.


Scotts® Winterizer for your lawn.

Fertilizer trees and shrubs before the ground freezes.


Cut back perennials to 4 or 5 inches. Some types like Ornamental Grasses or Coneflowers can be left during the winter months to add winter sculptor to your yard, as well as seeds for the birds.

Remove weeds.

Mulching will help create a blanket of protection over the root system.

Deciduous Trees & Evergreen Shrubs

Mulch boxwood and broad-leaf evergreens.

Provide Burlap Windbreaks for boxwood and broad-leaf evergreens.

Prune late flowering trees and shrubs.

Clean up fallen leaves.