*15* 301-Dairy Doo Pro Vegetable 301

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Container Size: 1 cu ft
Container Type: Bag
Brand: Morgan Composting
For use with outdoor containers, raised beds, or vegetable transplants. VeggieDoo 301 has over 77 different minerals to grow nutrient-dense plants. Nutrient-dense plants produce fruits and veggies with better flavor- perfect for garden-to-table meals. Crafted with 15 organic ingredients, and POWERED BY DAIRY DOO, VeggieDoo 301 provides just what your plants need! This soil is not for seeds or bare root plants. For seeds, bare root, or sensitive plants use Seed Starter 101 until they are established and then transplant into VeggieDoo 301. For best results, wet soil well before use. This soil is weed free.