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Herb Spearmint

Herb Spearmint

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Height 3 feet

Easy to grow popular hardy perennial herb with intensely flavored green leaves. Leaves may be used dried or fresh in salads, sauces, jellies, vegetables, meats, potpourris or as a garnish.

SOWING…Sow in spring as early as ground can be worked or late summer or early fall. Plant seed 1/16 inch deep and cover with fine soil, well pressed down. It may also be grown in containers.

THINNING…Thin to about 12 inches apart when plants are 2 inches high.

GERMINATION…Germinates in 7 to 14 days depending on soil and temperature conditions.

REMARKS…Mint will grow most anywhere, in shade as well as in sun. To keep from spreading, grow in a pail, or pot in the ground. Cover drainage holes with pottery chips or gravel to contain roots.
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