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Herb Bronze Fennel

Herb Bronze Fennel

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3-5 feet

This deep bronze to purple form of annual fennel is really a short lived perennial. Tall feathery fronds not only smell and taste of anise, but are beautiful in floral arrangements. Grown in clumps, they become an edible accent in any garden. Yellow umbel flowers produce the fennel seed prized in the kitchen.

SOWINGā€¦Plant seed where you want the plant to remain as they do not transplant well. Plant in spring after all danger of frost has passed, 5-10 seeds per desired clump in rich garden soil. Keep evenly moist until seeds start to grow.

THINNINGā€¦Clumps should be 4 feet apart at maturity.

GERMINATIONā€¦10-15 days depending on soil and weather conditions.

REMARKSā€¦Fennel, parsley, dill and carrots are host plants for the black swallowtail butterfly. Look for the black and green striped caterpillar with yellow spots. Watch it grow, make a chrysalis and morph into one of the most beautiful butterflies in North America. Plant enough to share with these caterpillars.
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