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Tomato Container Choice

Tomato Container Choice

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Matures in 65 Days From Setting Out Transplants

Bush Determinate Plant Habit

Height 4 feet

A true patio tomato! Each plant bears clusters of 5 ounce deep red beefsteak fruit in a container right on your deck or patio. The sturdy plant has excellent disease resistance and the rich tomato taste of a traditional slicer.

SOWING…Start seeds indoors 4-6 weeks before last frost date. Cover seeds with ¼ inch of seed starting mix. Keep evenly moist and supply bottom heat to hasten germination (70 to 75 degrees). When plants emerge, supply 10-14 hours of light from direct sun or grow-lights.

THIN…Or transplant when plants are 3 inches tall into individual pots or spaced 3 inches apart in a tray. After danger of frost is past, transplant each plant into a large well drained pot (15 inches in diameter or larger) or directly into the garden.

GERMINATION…6-12 days depending on soil temperature and moisture conditions.

REMARKS…This is a vigorous determinate plant that will benefit from support from a cage. Water and fertilize regularly and do not prune the ‘suckers’. Plants will continue to produce fruit right up until frost.
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