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Okra Emerald

Okra Emerald

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Matures in 55 Days

A ‘compact’ variety (but still growing 5 feet tall) originally developed by the Campbell’s Soup Company. Pods are truly spineless, deep green, thick walled, slender and remain tender even if allowed to grow 9” long. Plants grow similar to trees; wide at the top, narrow at the base. An important ingredient in Creole gumbo, Trinidad’s callaloo soup and Charleston’s famous okra pilau.

SOWING…Soak seeds overnight before sowing. Okra is a heat loving vegetable; do not sow seeds outside until nighttime temperatures remain above 60 degrees and soil has warmed to 70 degrees. Plant seeds ¾” deep, covering with fine soil and watering well. Keep well watered until second set of true leaves appear.

THINNING…When seedlings are 4” tall, thin or transplant to allow mature plants to stand 24-36” in all directions.

GERMINATION…10-14 days, depending on soil temperature and moisture conditions.

REMARKS…Okra has delicious edible flowers. Plants are very prolific and should produce enough flowers to harvest and still enjoy many pods. Note: if you pick ALL the flowers, you will have no pods to harvest!
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