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Cucumber Spacemaster 80

Cucumber Spacemaster 80

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Matures in 60 Days

This variety is a high quality slicing cucumber produced on a bush type plant, ideal for small gardens or containers. Produces an abundance of 8” fruit with excellent flavor. Resistant to cucumber mosaic virus, scab and moderately resistant to downy and powdery mildew.

SOWING…Plant seed outdoors in late spring when the ground is warm and all danger of frost is past. Make a group of 3-5 seeds placed in a ring about 4 inches across; cover with ½ inch of fine soil, well pressed down. Each ring of seeds is called a hill and should be spaced 3-4 feet apart. May also be planted in containers or hanging baskets.

THINNING…When plants are 2 to 3 inches tall, thin, leaving the 3 or 4 strongest plants in each hill or container.

GERMINATION…Germinates in 8 to 12 days depending on soil and temperature conditions.

REMARKS…For best flavor, pick fruits when 6 to 8 inches long. High fertility and plenty of moisture will stimulate growth and increase yield considerably.
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