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Organic Celery Tall Utah

Organic Celery Tall Utah

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Matures in 100 days

Height 24-30”

The rich green stalks of Tall Utah celery are folded around a compact heart. The 12” stalks are tender - yet crisp and remain string-less. Each head is aromatic and flavorful. The stalks are eaten raw or cooked, but don’t forget the leaves! They make a delicious seasoning in soups and can be frozen for later use.

SOW…seed indoors 10 weeks before frost free date for your area. Cover ⅛” soilless mix and water well. Keep soil consistently moist (not wet) until first true leaves appear.

THIN…When plants are 2-4” tall and danger of frost is past, transplant into the garden 15” apart. Celery is a thirsty plant and will turn “stingy” if the soil around the plant is allowed to dry out. Water consistently with 2-3” per week.

GERMINATION…15-20 days; depending on soil temperature and moisture. Celery seeds like warm daytime soil but cooler nighttime temperature. Using a heat mat set at 70 degrees on a 12 hour timer will improve germination.

REMARKS…Celery is a bi-annual and if left in the ground will bolt to a large umbel flower the second season attracting many beneficial insects.

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