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Organic Bean Blue Lake Bush

Organic Bean Blue Lake Bush

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Matures in 52 days

Height 18”

The classic green bean for decades has now become one of the premier gourmet beans. Compact plants produce 5 ½” stringless dark green pods with white seeds. These plump and tender beans are produced all at once, making it a perfect choice for freezing, canning or ‘dilly beans’.

SOW…seeds outdoors in late spring after the ground has warmed. Do not rush the planting; as a few cold wet days at planting time may cause the seeds to rot in the ground. Plant seeds 1 ½” apart in rows 2 feet apart. Cover seeds with 1” of fine soil pressed firmly and watered in.

THIN…when plants are 3-4” tall, spacing so that mature plants will be 12-15” apart in all directions.

GERMINATION…in 6-10 days depending on soil temperature and weather conditions.

REMARKS…succession planting a few seeds every 3 weeks will keep you in beans all season.
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