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Daisy Ox-Eye

Daisy Ox-Eye

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Height 1 - 3 feet

This beautiful wildflower, commonly called Ox-Eye Daisy or Field Daisy, can be found throughout North America. The long graceful stems display blossoms of white petals with a bright yellow eye well above the foliage making for an excellent cut flower. Plants are very adaptable, tolerating both moist and moderately dry conditions once established.

SOW…seeds outside in a sunny location during the spring through early fall. Cover lightly with ⅛ inch of fine soil firmly pressed down. Keep evenly moist until plants begin to grow. Covering with loose straw will help maintain moisture.

THIN…to 12 inches apart when plants are 3-4 inches high.

GERMINATION…takes 15-30+ days depending on soil and temperature conditions. As with moist perennials, some seeds may not germinate until the following spring after they have been stratified by cold conditions.

REMARKS…Flowers appear the second year. Established clumps should be divided every 3-4 years to maintain flowering. A butterfly favorite!
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