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Alyssum Royal Carpet

Alyssum Royal Carpet

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Height 4 inches

This variety blooms in drifts of vibrant purple color like a tropical sea, in a bed or as a neat edging around the garden. This companion for Carpet of Snow will grow only a few inches high but 10 inches across. Blooms from when the plant is only weeks old until the end of the season.

SOWING…Sow seed outdoors as early as the ground can be worked or as late as mid-July. Cover seed with ⅛ inch of fine soil, well pressed down. Do not cover seeds deeply. May also be started indoors in March or April.

THINNING…When plants are 2 to 3 inches high, thin or transplant to 6 to 10 inches apart.

GERMINATION…Germinates in 8 to 10 days depending on soil and temperature conditions.

REMARKS…Alyssum is one of the easiest flowers to grow from seed being almost totally free of pest and diseases.

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