Garden Calendar


As fall approaches, it is time to start getting the garden ready for fall and winter. It is also time to start planting spring bulbs, and harvesting fruits and vegetables, and it is also time to start feeding the birds.


Scotts® Step 4 Lawn Program for your grass.

Re-seed lawns.

Thatching can also be done in the fall, fertilize after thatching.

Store Fertilizers in a dry place for the winter, at around 40 degrees F.


Time to start removing and composting spent annuals.

Remove all weeds.

Plant Winter Pansies.


Plant perennials.

Divide early blooming perennials and daylilies.

Plant fall season Garden Mums and Asters.

Cut flowers for drying.

Applications of Deer/Rabbit Repellents.

Allow September Rose blooms to stay on plants, aids in winter protection.

Remove all weeds.

After hard frost: Transplant peonies and lilies.

Slugs are laying their fall batch of eggs. Treat area’s that are prone to slugs. Use a slug control product like Sluggo or Ortho Bug Geta. Read manufacturers label before applying products.


This is a critical time for harvesting fruits and vegetables. Over looking the ripening time of some vegetables can make them loose a lot of their flavor. Check by appearance, feel, and by taste.

Remove weeds.

Apply Deer/Rabbit Repellents.

Deciduous Trees & Evergreen Shrubs

Plant and transplant trees and evergreen shrubs.

Lawn Care

Seed or Sod new lawns. Fill in bare spots on existing lawns.

Scotts® Step 4 Lawn Program