Soil For Growing Vegetables

Soil For Growing Vegetables

Veggies can be grown successfully in Michigan gardens. Vegetables have specific soil requirements. Practices are suggested here to aid in obtaining a high yield of quality vegetables.

Soil Requirements

A well-drained soil, high in organic matter is preferred. If heavy clay or clay loam soils are used, drainage problems should be corrected and organic matter content improved by growing cover crops or adding #2 Dairy Doo Soil Amendment.

For pots use #3 Baccto Lite Premium Potting Mix in a well-drained container.

For raised or new beds use #1 Baccto Garden Soil. This soil can also be added to depleted soils for soil rejuvenation. Hard pan soils should be tilled or turned every growing season.

New soil or organic materials should be added every year before seeding or transplanting. Always follow directions on product labels to avoid unnecessary problems. Soils that are constantly soggy or areas that are prone to flooding should be raised and corrected before planting. Prepare beds and containers in sunny locations for best results with most vegetables.


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