Growing Brambles (Raspberries & Blackberries)

Growing Brambles (Raspberries & Blackberries)

Size of Planting

The size of planting will depend on the amount of fruit desired. An average red raspberry plant will produce from 1-2 lbs. of fruit (when it has filled in a 2 sq. ft. area) while purple and black raspberries will produce about 3 lbs. per plant and blackberries 5-7 lbs. per plant.

When to Plant

Container plants can be planted any time into early summer. The soonest to plant is late in the spring after the last frost.

Where to Plant

Brambles perform the best in full sun, but can produce in part shade as well. Keep them away from other flower or vegetable beds unless contained in a raised bed. The roots will send new shoots up all around the area and may be invasive to other surrounding plants or areas. Plant in well-drained soil where there is good air circulation to avoid too much moisture and diseases. Plant away from wild brambles to avoid insects carrying diseases. Avoid planting brambles in beds that you previously planted tomatoes, peppers and potatoes as the soil may contain diseases. We recommend replacing the soil if there is not an alternative planting area.

Soil Preparation & Fertilization

The soil should be tilled well in advance of planting. Adjust pH to approximately 6.5 and add potassium and phosphorus before planting based on your soil analysis. Do not fertilize with nitrogen until the plants have been planted for several weeks. Fertilizer amount varies with the type of plant and soil conditions. Use the following table to determine the amount of ammonium nitrate needed. If you use 10-10-10, you will need to use three times the amount indicated. Apply fertilizers in early spring or as split applications in March and May for fall-bearing plants. Be sure to use some support to keep the canes upright.


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