Garden Inspired Halloween Costumes

Garden Inspired Halloween Costumes

Halloween is a great time to dress up, spend some time with friends and family, and eat some delicious treats. Why not take a little bit of inspiration from your favorite hobby *wink wink* and try out one of the following gardening-themed costumes! If you do, be sure to send us the photos so we can see!


We all spend a lot of time caring for our plants. Save time picking out a costume and use the supplies you've already got. Throw on your hat and a pair of gloves then grab your watering can and a spade. All set!


We can't get over how cute this little one is in their string of pearls costume! Use some cardboard to make a terra cotta pot to go around your middle and get creative to recreate your favorite houseplant.


Feeling a bit prickly? Let people know you require a bit more personal space with this cactus costume that can easily be made at home with a green sweater and white pipe cleaners.


This one has the potential to be customized as much as you like. Different petal colors and shapes will completely transform the look of this costume. Although one thing's for will be cute!


Need we say more?


Bumble bees and butterflies are hard workers in our yards and gardens and kids look adorable dressed up as them.


Who doesn't love a little bit of free watering? We love the idea of this little rain cloud with the rain boots. A little ray of sunshine would make a great costume as well.

Dead Plant (EEK!)

This one's a little scary...


Chia Pet

Looks like Fido sprouted overnight!

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Loved the costumes! Chia pet was great and the weather girl adorable!! Thanks for your creativity you share!!!

Pam Ledesma

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