Ficus & Fig Trees

Ficus & Fig Trees


Ficus grows best in the east window of your home. If placed outside, this plant needs to be in indirect sunlight. Keep the soil watered, but let the top two inches of soil dry out. Letting the soil become extremely dry will result in dry and yellow leaves. New green leaves dropping can be a sign of over watering. When this occurs this plant is in trouble. Make sure it is using the water you give it. Fertilize at 2-week intervals during the periods of active growth.


Use #1 Baccto Professional Potting Mix for potting and transplanting. Use a pot with two or three times the space of the existing root ball. Make sure all pots have adequate drainage holes. When using a saucer make sure the saucer does not sit full of water for more than 1 days’ time.


Use #2 All Purpose Miracle Gro fertilizer weekly at light rates. #3 Osmacote slow release fertilizer can be top dressed onto the soil for supplemental feeding.


These plants when new have a tendency to drop a noticeable amount of leaves, don’t panic! This is due to the trees being grown in ideal conditions. They are adjusting to your environment. The leaf loss may occur over several months. Remove yellow leaves and cut off dead and dry twigs. This helps light to penetrate to the inside foliage, which will promote growth on the inside.


Does it have adequate light?

Has it been moved in the past two or three weeks, therefore, adjusting to a new light situation?

Did I let it dry out severely two weeks ago?

Did the air conditioning come on?

Did the heater come on?

Are the seasons changing?

Am I paying attention to the plants use of water or am I just splashing water on it?

All the above questions have an effect on your ficus. They like us do well where a consistent environment is possible. Common sense is a key factor to growing ficus.


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