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Spinach Malabar Climbing

Spinach Malabar Climbing

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Not a true spinach, but a beautiful heat loving vine grown as much for an ornamental as edible! Rich burgundy vines produce large crinkly leaves with a Swiss chard/spinach taste and a slight citrus bite. Vigorous vines can grow over 15 feet tall and cover a trellis or teepee quickly in hot weather. An Asian green known as Phooi leaf.

SOWINGā€¦Indoors 3-4 weeks before last frost date or directly in the garden when soil has warmed. Cover seed with Ā¼ inch of soil 2 inches apart. Keep warm and evenly moist until seeds sprout.

THINā€¦or transplant to 6 inches apart when plants are 4 inches high.

GERMINATIONā€¦In 10-14 days depending on soil and weather conditions. Keep evenly moist until first true leaves appear.

REMARKSā€¦These are fast growing vines once established and the weather warms. Supply sturdy support for the vines as soon as they are planted. Eat fresh, steam or stir fry.
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