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Radish Red Arrow Pink Diakon

Radish Red Arrow Pink Diakon

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Start to harvest as micro-greens in just 12 days

Matures In 40 Days

Roots 6 to 15 Inches Long

The ‘daikon’ is a Japanese winter radish which literally translates to ‘great root’. A smooth pink-skinned root with a bright white core that unlike fiery radishes, is mildly spicy. Red Arrow was re-selected for the bright pink stem it produces when grown as micro-greens.

SOWING…For mature roots, sow seed outside as soon as the soil can be worked 1 inch apart. Cover with ¼ fine soil. For micro-greens, scatter seed thickly and cover lightly with soil. Keep evenly moist, watering or misting regularly until sprouts appear.

GERMINATION…7 to 10 days.

THIN…For mature roots, when seedlings are 2 inches tall, thin to allow 6 inches between plants by cutting off the extra plants. Try not to disturb the roots of the plants that are to remain. Eat your thinnings! Harvest micro-greens at 2 inches tall.

REMARKS…Daikons make fine fresh eating radishes when harvested young, often grated into salads. The mature roots are often dried or pickled and the greens sauteed. Red Arrow is one of the most popular micro-greens grown.
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